Thursday, December 28, 2006

Umm, yeah...

So, I took all of these neat pictures of the bananas, papayas and flowers growing in our yard...but Blogger is being a serious PIA and having issues uploading the photos. Guess everyone will have to wait until later.

We got some great stuff in the mail today...I won't post a pic of one of the presents yet since I am emailing the sender next...will do in the next post, but let me just say that I was very surprised and thrilled with what she sent!

We also got another tin of cookies from Granny. She sent me some of my favorites...spritz cookies. I like the cream cheese spritz the best, but these are just as great. I was really hoping that it was some of her famous double layer rice krispie treats, but believe you me I won't turn these down anytime soon!

And an update on the biscornu. I am done with the front stitching, and started the backstitch border after this pic was snapped. I wonder how Carolyn is doing with hers?


We had our 38 week appointment this week. I was very impressed with the Midwife (actually an American Nurse Practitioner) that we saw since Dr. R. is on vacay. I asked her to give us an estimate of how big the baby is and after mushing the heck out of my tummy, she said that if I were to have it now, it would be approximately 6 pounds, 8 ounces. But, she also added that every week, the baby puts on another 1/2 to 1 it is possible that I could have a ginormous baby. *Please come soon, please come soon*
She asked us if we knew what the gender was. As she was checking for the fetal heart rate. I said, "No, it is a surprise". She got a grin on her face and said, "I kinda have a hunch as to what it is." I asked her, "Based on the heartrate?" She smiled and said "Yeah". Now, the heartrate is usually in the 140's & 150's when we go in. Statistically (from what I have read), baby girls have a fetal heart rate over 140 while baby boys have a fetal heart rate of less than 140. But there are always exceptions. Go team pink!!! She didn't say either way, but I am going to ask next week.

I go back next week for the 39 week eval. I am seeing her again and with any luck, she will be on call when I go into labor.

She asked us about our plans for birth control after the baby is born, so I told her what I had been thinking. No birth control pills because Mom has metastatic breast cancer and Gram had breast cancer and I will be 30 next year...don't need to up my risk any more than it already is. She brought up the IUD...can I just say that this little thing kinda gives me the creeps? I think that we might just stick with what we initially planned. I don't think that I really want a little plastic "T" wound with copper and 2 pieces of fishing line on the bottom end embedding itself into my body.


Had a chat with Mom the other day. She is doing okay. She stopped her Chemo treatments and went for a second opinion at the Cancer Treatment Center of America. She has since started treatments with them. And the cancer has spread to more of her skeleton. It is in a rib, on the skull, in her left femur (long leg bone), sacrum, and left hip along with her spine.

She really loves the CTCA. I mean really loves it. Just raves about the programs, doctors, support staff, food, etc. And there is a Center that is only about an hour from her house so she just spends the night.

Our convo was going along really great until she said:

Mom: "So, how are you feeling?"

Me: "I feel great, I have been truly blessed. My only complaint is I can't get comfortable to sleep."

Mom: "How much weight have you gained so far?"

Me: "24 pounds"

Mom: "Well, you need to try to curb it from here out...I only gained 19 pounds when I had you. But, then again, you are built a little bigger than me and you started out a little heavier than me."

Me: "Um, yeah." *thinking to self: you also smoked and were 19 years old. I am almost 30.*

WTF?!?! Try to CURB it? Seriously? Okay, let me go on a diet now while I am pregnant. Yeah. Right on that.
Mother/daughter relationships...gotta love them!
Here is the Lizzie*Kate new Flip it series for 2007...this is absolutely adorable. Loves it! Kim reports that she already has hers on order. Pffffftttttttt.



Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that the package arrived safely. (I'll be e-mailing you back in a bit :) ).

Oooohh spritz cookies!! and the trees and the pinwheels in just the colors we do them in!! With the move I didn't get to make them this year. I've never had them made with cream cheese. Can you tell me how?

Glad to hear your mom is doing well.

Your midwife sound really cool. :)

Mmmm you Pffffftttttttt-ed Kim for having the L*K's on order so you just Pffffftttttttt-ed me too. I won't tell you that I Have the LOVE one on order too. *grin*

the p.i.c. said...

Picture tips:

1. download firefox. I've never had a problem uploading with that browser. ever.

2. use photobucket. when you upload the pictures, they give you the code to post them on a website. makes it easy.