Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!

We have been pretty low-key today. It has been a marathon of Christmas cartoon DVD's here at the House of Grinch. You know, those old ones that are clay-mation and are shown every year? DH bought me the set last year, so that's all we have done today. Well, laundry too. I think that DH is making hot wings and sweet potato fries for's that for non-conformity?
On Friday, we went to a Christmas party. It was for a company that DH works with, so it was nice to see them appreciate their employees. The party was held at the Aqua Resort (where we stayed for 30 days when we first came to Saipan and were trying to find a house), which is always nice. There was a big buffet, and open bar and a live band called Resound. They were pretty good, even though I was about to gag when they did Paris Hilton's "The Stars Are Blind". My ears might still be bleeding.

One of the guys gave me this flower "thing" to wear on my head...I felt a little bit like a dork because there were only 2 other ladies that had one. But, the smell of the plumeria (franigipani) was so intoxicating, I loved having it on. So it stayed. I think that it is some kind of a traditional thing here. Even men wear them.


Yesterday I read the book, "The Christmas Box". It was a quick read. When I say quick, I mean less than an hour. It was a good book and appropriate for the holidays. I am slowly working my way through "Victoria Victorious" about Queen Victoria. Kinda dry, and I am almost done so that is great. It has given me more insight to her life though. Maybe I will read "Skipping Christmas" today. I read it a couple of years ago, but don't remember much of it besides how the movie is.

For an update on the it is:
Tomorrow is our next baby appointment...hard to believe that our due date is 17 days away. I remember when I got all excited when my countdown ticker said 100 days. Where has the time gone?


Leah said...

Merry Christmas, Missy!

I love all of those Rankin-Bass claymation holiday cartoons, too.

You look beautiful in your flower 'thing'!

Saipan Chamoale said...

I was in that same room on Thursday for a Christmas party! The flowers on your head are a mwaar. The Carolinians wear them.

Jenn said...

Merry Christmas Missy! You look so pretty with the flowers in your hair.

~Kim~ said...

Belated Merry Christmas greetings! Looks like you were able to enjoy the holiday spirit.

Cant wait to hear about the baby checkup!