Thursday, December 21, 2006

Life is good

DH has been home for the past couple of days since they are now on holiday rotation. I really enjoy spending time together. I will admit, he does spoil me. The other day, we had my favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict. And he knows exactly how I like the eggs...poached hard. No liquid chicken for me, thanks! We also had sliced pears and orange juice. What a way to start the day!

On Tuesday, we did end up going and buying the new dining room set. For those on Saipan, FYI...Monika's Furniture Gallerie is moving to Guam at the end of the month. Due to the economy from what I understand. And unfortunately, there won't be a big sale...they are going to load up a container and ship whatever they have in stock.
So, this is the dining room set. The only drawback is that it doesn't have a leaf to expand it, but it will eventually go in the kitchen once we buy a house back in the States in 1 1/2 years. It is Teak and we think that we got it for a pretty reasonable price. Now, I just have to make cushions for the chairs with removable covers. Because I am too cheap to buy some.

(You can see our "Christmas Tree" in the corner...that's as good as it is getting here at the House of Grinch. Dad made it for us a few years ago.)

Yesterday, we got a bunch of packages in the mail from MIL & FIL. We knew that she had ordered these things, it is so much more fun when you see them in person! They sent the Exersaucer, the mobile (it plays Bach, Beethoven & Mozart), and a set of soft blocks by Baby Einstein along with the food mill that we wanted. We plan on making our own baby food and this will be great for when we go to China next year.

I started working on my Biscornu that I am doing with Carolyn. I totally forgot that we had agreed to start this week! I have serious pregnancy brain lately. All I think about 90% of the time is the baby and baby related stuff. Oops! So, I started it last night. We bought our kits from Mary Kathryn's shop. She also gives very good finishing instructions. The kit comes with the chart, 2 pieces of Jobelan and a skien of Dinky Dyes silk in your color choice ( I chose "Mystic Pools" ). I have never stitched with Dinky Dyes and although they are nice and smooth, I feel like they are too fragile. Guess I will stick with regular DMC after this. The frog came to visit me today, grr. So, I spent time ripping out part of it, but otherwise it is going well. I betcha Carolyn is ahead of me though, lol. I am so slow!

Today I made a ring sling for the baby. I only had 2 yards of fabric, and I think that for the next one, I will use 3 or 3 1/2 yards of fabric. I would also like to do one in a silk dupioni fabric someday...maybe for the baptism...? The instructions that I followed looked at were found on this site. I got the rings from this site that specifically makes & sells rings for slings. If you plan on making a sling, please don't get the rings from the craft store...they are not strong enough.
Doesn't Bella Baby look thrilled to pieces to be slinged? I hope that our baby doesn't give me as much attitude.

Tomorrow we have a holiday party to go to and I am looking forward to it. Last night we had DH's boss over for dinner, it was a nice time. DH & I made ham balls (can I just say *YUM!*), cheesy hashbrown casserole and green bean casserole. (Note to Stels...notice that it is "normal food"?) We also gave him a couple loaves of banana bread and a bunch of soft ginger cookies to take home. The cookies are like biscuits and soo good with a cup of tea.
That's all that is going on here.
BTW, Angelo...I will get to it soon. : )


Jenn said...

Your table is so nice. It has an island-ed feel to it. Your sling came out great I love the fabric you used for it.

Melissa said...

The table looks great! You are going to love the Exersaucer. It is IMHO the greatest baby invention ever! I'm so excited for you.

~Kim~ said...

Dontcha just love it when DH's cook for you! Your meal looks yummy! LOVE the dining room set! Wanna buy me a set and ship over?!? KIDDING!

WOW, Baby shower by mail continues! Your family sure loves you! Is there anything you still need?! You are so creative with the baby sling! Great bonding time in the future I see! Im getting so excited for you and the baby! Make sure that Jim emails me right away when the baby is due!

Missy - I just want to thank you for the wonderful friendship you have given me over the past year! It has meant ALOT! Its been so awesome to watch you become a mother!

You and Jim have a wonderful Christmas (even though you are not really celebrating it) - just relax, cause your ride with the new life is about to start!


Jan said...

Found your post through my Stats page :)

You'll find the sling a lot more comfortable if it's not right up against your neck -- I've got directions on my page (which you've already found, but for posterity, wearing directions are here: ) and I would gently suggest that 3-3.5 yards will be far, far too long! The very longest sling I have ever made, for a mama who wore a size 32W (that's American sizing), was 3 yards long. Looking at your picture, you shouldn't need much more than 2 1/4 yards :)