Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun mail!

So, the post office has redeemed itself. I apologize to our postal employees for my last rant regarding their service. But, it can be frustrating. It is the holidays afterall and their busiest time of the year.

On to the fun mail.
Did I mention that I got my camera? I did. And I really really really like it so far. I am hesitant to say that I love it yet, seems like the last time that I professed my love of a camera right after getting it, it was a bit premature. I know how to do the basic operation of it and am very happy. Now, I just need to learn the bells & whistles part. It is a Kodak EasyShare P850. I like how it feels nice and solid in hand as well.

I also got the organic sage in the mail and my treat bag from my Yahoo stitching group exchange. And let me tell you, the treat bag was worth the wait!


Inside lining with closures:

Presents inside:

Was I ever spoiled or what? I really love doing exchanges in this group. I love the fact that they are centralized and nobody gets the shaft because their partner is a flake and I love the fact that everyone is so very generous with the bags. I think that the next exchange I am going to participate in is a "stitched fob" exchange, which is due to the Moderator in February. I also like that the Moderator tries to swap out the exchanges at an equal value. Like for the stitched fob exchange, she said that if you send in a fob with a pair of scissors, you will get a fob with a pair of scissors back instead of just a fob. That is nice.

I also got my ornament from the 123stitch message board ornament exchange organized by Sue. My partner was Nancy in Alaska and I think that she just did an awesome job with the stitching and finishing of the ornament. I was glad to hear that she received my ornament as well, which I blogged about here.

I took the picture the other night...we don't really have a "tree" up here at the House of Grinch, so I set it on the shelf that holds some of my prized possessions. Bottles of sand and shells from beaches that DH & I have visited together. My favorites have to be the bottle of sand from Grand Isle, Louisiana, which was pretty much wiped out after Hurricane Katrina. It is where DH proposed to me in October 2003. The other one is the bottle of black sand from Anse Mamin Beach, St. Lucia. The beach where we got married in 2004. We have sand from 3 of the Great Lakes, Australia, Thailand, Oregon, St. Lucia, Louisiana, Guam...still deciding on a beach here in Saipan.


We had our 36 week appointment this week. Got to take a tour of the labor & delivery department. It is tiny. Only 4 rooms. They can be split and turned into 8 rooms though if needed. Plus, the very very nice lady pointed out the "extra bed" that is in the hall (does have a curtain for privacy) if they are really full. Certainly not like the *suites* that they have back in the States, that is for sure. But, it was nice to see it all and get questions answered.

I reeeealllly hope that when I go into labor that I don't end up in the bed in the hall. It would be my luck though, LOL.

The baby is doing great, head down and in position. Now it is just a waiting game. The heartbeat is strong. The doctor still said January...much to DH's disappointment. He really wants it to come before the first of the year.

This week I got all of the clothes sorted, washed and put away. I am waiting on the cloth diapers to come that I ordered from Jillians Drawers. I got the sheets and mattress pads washed, folded and put away. We ordered the crib tent so that the kitties can't get in it...and I think that we are set! I even picked out 2 "coming home" boy and one girl and got those packed into the hospital bag. I hope that they fit it! Maybe I will post a picture of them later this week. The boy one is so is just a blue suit from the Gap, but I think that it is so cute with the little hat and booties.


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Heather said...

What a beautiful exchange piece you received.

Sounds like you're all set for the baby arriving. I used cloth nappies too.