Sunday, June 18, 2006

10086 Sunset Boulevard

That is a house that I would love to have seen. Or at least the set. I was flipping through the channels and found "Sunset Boulevard" on AMC or something. Of course I had to watch it for the eleventyith time! So, there I sat, finishing the stitching for the backside of my scissor fob for the STO "Christmas in July" exchange, watching Norma Desmond make the complete transition to insanity. Strange thing is that I can totally see Gloria Swanson turn into this woman in real life. I believe that it did win an Academy Award but it didn't work to revive Ms. Swanson's career.

I will assemble the fob tomorrow and post a picture. I used the HIH "Winter Fobs" chart and did the Christmas Tree one. I decided that the double Leviathan stitch is my new favorite specialty stitch. Replacing the Colonial knot. Our exchanges are a central exchange, meaning that we all mail to the same person every time and she mails out the items to everyone that participated. Works great! We never have anyone that is disappointed by not receiving anything. I think that I am going to make my "Bless Us" finish into a small envelope with a button on the back for stitching stuff and put the fob in it along with a dishcloth I am going to crochet. Thankfully the due date isn't until July 22, but I would like to get it all mailed out by next weekend. So, look for pics tomorrow.

Enchanted Alphabet: I will post an update tomorrow. I haven't been meeting my goal of one letter a day :( I got very discouraged when I had to frog a large portion of the "E" and restitch it. But, I plan on putting some serious time into it tonight.

Anyone else out there just love Paula Deen on the Food Network? I swear she doesn't have blood in her veins, she has butter instead. I love her accent! I was watching a little bit yesterday and DH (who never really paid much attention to her...he's an Alton Brown & Bobby Flay guy) actually watched her with me. And guess who I caught watching her this morning...DH! I was talking to Stels on the phone and he was watching her cook a cow, I swear that is how big the steak was. So tonight, we are having some kind of grilled dijon chicken breasts with Cornucopia salad and baked potato with Ring Tum Ditty (sounds funky but looks deeelish). Find the recipe here for the Baked Potato with Ring Tum Ditty. We are using less bacon and cheese and no butter. The picture looks kinda like vomit, but it looked really good on TV. Can you believe that Oscar Mayer thick cut bacon is over $10 here!?!? I wouldn't have if I hadn't seen it for myself. Come on 2008!

So, I am feeling parched and need a dose of sweet tea...I will catch up with y'all later.


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