Thursday, June 08, 2006

5 Things & stuff

I am tired and about to go to bed, but thought I would get out a quick post. Today I mailed off a TON of stuff! Lots of ebay winnings and other stuff I sold (Kim your package is on it's happy little way). Plus about 6 books for and my Dad's Father's Day present (a bottle of Saipan honey since he is a honey freak) and some American Eagle Outfitters tank tops for Mom.

I am a little disappointed in one of my ebay sales. There is one person that won 2 of the shirts I had up and hasn't contacted me or made payment. I have already sent an invoice so I sent a message through ebay today. As I was thinking about it today, I checked said bidders feedback :( This person has about 4 negatives or neutrals out of less than 60 for never responding or paying. Makes me mad. Shame on them for being irresponsible.

I worked on Enchanted Alphabet today and will post a WIP pic for you tomorrow. My goal is to stitch one letter a day and I am doing well so far! I started to re-read the Monica Ferris series, starting with Crewel World. A lady from sent me 4 in the series and I had only requested one so I felt pretty blessed! I have read probably 4 or so in the series but I decided that I want to read them in order so that I can see more of the character development with each book. I am a nerd, I know. :)

I saw this on Jo's blog so I thought I would do it and I will tag Kim and Jenn (I was starting to wonder about you, Jenn...going to go read your post next)

5 Things:

5 things in my fridge

Baby Carrots
Butter (the real deal here)
Milk from New Zealand that doesn't have to be refrigerated until you open it!
Home made bread

5 items in my closet

Rollerblades that I haven't used in 6 years
Winter Clothes being stored
Head board & foot board to the antique guest bed (it is getting too rickety to use so we thought we would store it there...isn't that where everyone stores theirs?)

5 items in my purse (handbag)

Rosary (and I am not Catholic)
Listing of birthdays & anniversaries in monthly order (not that I pay attention to it)
Glasses case

5 items in my car

Lots of canvas shopping bags for groceries. (we are treehuggers afterall!)
A lug nut remover that is shaped like an X
An emergency kit (don't really know what is in it)
DH's Oakley bag for his broken shades
I am sure that on my side (read: passenger) that there is a used kleenex or errant piece of paper in the door pocket...otherwise our car is clean.

Well, that is all I have to say about that so I am going to bed.


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