Monday, June 05, 2006

They're finished but it is still too early!

I finally finished sewing the Grandparent's announcement pillows today. The trickiest part was fumbling around with the 3 inches of edge that needs to be closed up once they are stuffed. Anyone got any tips for making the stuffing more uniform? Mine is a bit lumpy ( I like a very full pillow ) so I just kinda mush it around on my lap with my palms for a while, but then it gets a little compressed. I sewed the bias tape edging on by hand since I have yet to master that on the machine. I even put the zipper foot on for the first time to try it out but the pillow wouldn't cooperate.

So, now they are done. My next appointment with the OB is June 20 and I am hoping that we can hear a heartbeat. I know that they won't do an Ultrasound then, so I am hoping for a doppler to hear the heartbeat. I will be 11 weeks along and if they do hear the heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage drops to 3%. At least that is what I read on a website. My risk of miscarriage is 29% due to my age...geesh...almost a 1 in 3 chance. :( So, that is why we are waiting to tell the parents. I want to be closer to 12 weeks. I figure that once we have the appointment, then I can send them that week and they will get them the following week. I am also thinking about taking a picture of me in a plain t-shirt and having my BF's DH doctor it so that the t-shirt reads "Due January 2007", then printing that out (on regular paper) and enclosing it with the pillow. I would print out an extra one so that I could send it to my grandparents as well since we really haven't thought of a creative way to tell them they will be great-grandparents again. I think that it would be different if this was their first great grandchild, but sadly my cousin that is 5 years older than me beat me by 14 years to the punch. Hard to believe that my Granny was 32 when she was a grandma and 52 when she was a great grandma.

Here is my current (most pressing WIP), Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender & Lace. I intend on making the child's hair more of a brown color than the blond that the model was stitched with. But, I have a long way to go before I get to the child! (I will have to try again later to upload this picture, blogger is a bugger)

Kim- Mother's Tree is by Lavender & Lace as well, I really like the heirloom quality of this design. I plan on stitching it like the model shown but may use a lighter fabric. Here is a picture of what the model looks like. Many stitchers suggest putting the chart, threads and a note on the back of the frame as well as having extra fabric at the bottom tucked up so that it can be added to in future generations. I may do that as well. I do admit though that charting out the names was a true PIA the first time I tried it, but this last time, I just kind of "winged" it and I think that it will be fine as long as I take my time.


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Kiwi Jo said...

Missy - the pillows are just beautiful. What a lovely way to announce your good news! I hope you are feeling OK and good luck with your doctors visit.