Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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While perusing the online sites this AM (God, I love me some internets) I came across a few new fantastic designs and accessories:

Warm Water Wash by Raise the Roof Designs
Halloween Elf Fairy by Mirabilia (kit)
And these fantastic little scissors, Louis XVI from The French Needle

The Village of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings

The Village of Hawk Run Hollow is a companion piece to "Houses of Hawk Run Hollow" which I can happily say is tucked away in my stash binders. Hoping to someday (sooner rather than later) be brought to life by my needle and thread.

I love the verse of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow...

"When I am dead and in my grave, and all my bones are rotten, remember me when this you see lest I should be forgotten. Remember me as you pass by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now so must you be, prepare for death and follow me."

Charming, isn't it?


I really wish that they were showing "An Inconvenient Truth" around here. Gah, now I guess we will just have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I have read some pretty great reviews about it and I do hope that it opens people's eyes a little bit. Want to know more? Go here. I was suprised this morning when I read Trent's blog that he had been to see it and found it interesting.


Angelo, we thought it was nice meeting you last night. Thanks for your smart ass comments :) Imagine my suprise, meeting a fellow blogger on this tiny little piece of rock. Oh, by the way...I really don't eat bologna, it was the only lunchmeat I could remember the price of. We did buy a fresh Tuna about 2 months ago...DH cut it into steaks and grilled it. Barf barf barf (the pregnancy hormones talking). And, being treehuggers, we don't run our aircon. Well, okay, sometimes I do only in the bedroom when I am having a lazy movie Saturday. Seriously, we only use something like 500kWh per month. Thanks again for the tips on where to find Old Man by the Sea.


Okay, I am off to read for a while. Thinking of starting "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown next (he wrote "The DaVinci Code") once I am done with my current Monica Ferris book. She is such easy reading, I think I need something a little more brain bending.


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