Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Angel thoughts and Ebay

So, I have been thinking more about the angel for my Mom. I think that I will do "In The Arms of An Angel" (on the right) . I already have this chart, the threads and the fabric. All I will need to order is the beads and the braid. And I know that if I order them from Joanne at 123stitch, they will get here lickety split.

If I do that one for her, I probably won't feel like doing it again right away for myself so I have decided that I would like to do "Mother's Bliss" (on the left) for me. Looks fairly simple and I really think that I can get this one done.

As each day progresses, I think of more projects that I would like to start. I have been thinking more about Christmas presents for our parents also. I was thinking that I would just order them something online and have it shipped directly to them. I may still do that! It just seems impersonal. Oh well, I guess that is how it may have to be this year since we are so far away.

Ebay Update:

  • I still have not heard from the person that won 2 of my auctions last week...I emailed the bidder again and asked what method of payment they were going to use and to let me know if they have already mailed their payment. Guess we will see.

  • I am so excited that I won some "hanks" of Six Strand Sweets. I know, I don't like overdyed threads but Six Strand Sweets are an exception. Plus, I love to give them to other people in exchanges. I got 3 hanks (25 yards per hank) of "Organic Blueberry" (like GAST "Coneflower"). I think that this is the color that I am going to do my "Lord's Prayer" in by My Big Toe Designs. Probably on a white or ecru evenweave. I can't believe that I only am paying 10 cents a yard for this thread!!! And I love the fact that it is solid so that I can stitch in Continental style to my little heart's content. Now to find more time to stitch...which in actuality shouldn't be a problem since I don't work. I had purchased "Lord's Prayer" with the thought that I would stitch it for my Granny since she is the most appreciative recipient of my stitching next to my Aunt J. Guess we will see how ambitious I am.

  • I have listed some more shirts. We buy these shirts at the factory stores. If you see one that you like, email me at mhighfill@gmail.com and I can see if we have it in a size that you need. I like to do this for a little extra money (and believe me I am not getting rich here). They have tons of stuff at these stores...Abercrombie, American Eagle Outfitters, Field Gear (Marshall Field's house brand), Hollister, Liz Lange Maternity... The Field Gear sweatshirts are fantastic! And they are a real bargain. They are thick like the Champion sweatshirts and sell in the stores for $28.50 (some of them had the MF store tag on it)...we can get them for a fraction of that price! My ebay listings are here.

Well, I need to go punch down my bread dough and get it rising again and then into the oven. Tonight DH & I are going to some function that he has to do for work. I just want to go out for some KFC!!! :)

Edit: I couldn't help but take advantage of showing off a cute kitty pic...as I was walking out to the kitchen, I saw the girls snoozing on the bed. They must've had a marathon grooming session together and got tired. Here they are...Killer Lily is on the left and Isabella is on the right. In all their glory:


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