Friday, June 09, 2006

Twinkle twinkle

So, I have decided on a "theme" for the baby's decorations & bedding. Now mind you, the nursery will be in the guest bedroom that will also have a full size bed in it. I will just turn the bed against the wall to make more room as the rooms are kinda small.

Here is the inspiration for the nursery decor, I think that it is kinda gender neutral...maybe a teensy bit girly but cute nonetheless. It is called Twinkle Twinkle and it is by Pickle Barrel Designs.

I think that I am going to stitch it on this fabric that Kim sent me in an exchange. I don't know the name of the color but it is by Picture this Plus and the background is sky blue with some purples and pinks mottled in it...soo much prettier in person than what I can describe here. Do I just rinse this fabric and then iron it before using it? Is it colorfast? I really like to wash / rinse my finished projects and then iron them on the backside to make the stitching stand up more but I don't want the dyes to bleed into the stitching.

Here is an update on my WIP, Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender & Lace. Doing it in regular DMC. My goal is to stitch one letter per day so it is going well. I am doing it on an ivory linen...28 or 32 ct, I can't remember...I keep telling myself to measure it but then I forget. (edit: it is 32 ct)
I was thinking today about doing a MLI angel for my Mom for her 50th birthday in February...anyone have any suggestions? I am going to start "In the Arms of an Angel" next after Enchanted Alphabet for me and then I will go to Mother's Tree. (since I don't have fabric for MT yet and I do for ITAOAA) I thought about doing "Angel of Healing" but the face on her looks so morbid. So then I thought of "Angel of Hope" since "Hope" is a big hot word for breast cancer awareness but personally, she is kinda ugly. Mom's not feeling so hot. She has to have more surgery to remove the little bit of tissue left on her rib cage and then go through radiation every day for 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks. Poor thing has been through alot with this already. I wish that MLI would design an angel for breast cancer awareness...I can just imagine how gorgeous she would be with her pinks and creams...maybe holding a trailing pink ribbon that seems to be caught on the wind so that it is in the shape of the pink ribbon symbol (loosely). Anyone know how I can get in contact with her to tell her my ideas? I looked on the website but didn't see any specific email address for her.



Heather said...

That will be beautiful for the baby.

~Kim~ said...

Aww love the theme you have chosen for the baby's nursery!

I will email PTP for you and find out if the material that you are going to be stitching this design on is colorfast (cuz I think you had asked about that in the past when I first sent it to you, by the way, what is the dimensions, as I can find out cause I have it written in my blog what the colors were and the size of each.

What a wonderful idea of having a Breast Cancer Angel that would be holding a pink care ribbon! Have you emailed the designer yet with your suggestion!?!

Prayers and hugs to you and your mom!