Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lots of pictures

Yeah, I really haven't felt like blogging much lately. Haven't felt like doing much of anything honestly. It is so freaking hot here, all I want to do is lay in front of the fan with a glass of ice water.

Had my OB appointment Tuesday. There are 2 things that I have to say on this subject:

1. I miss home.
2. If the 9 am appointment is not the first appointment in the morning, then you can be sure that I will have the first appointment next time so that we don't sit there and wait for over an hour to talk to the doctor for 10 minutes.

He tried to hear the heartbeat with a doppler, but said that it is a tad bit too early...better around 14 weeks he said. I lost just over 1 kg, but that is okay. I get to go back in 4 weeks, yippee. He said that it was okay to fly to New Zealand later this year for our vacation.

On to other news, here are some pictures of things that I have finished:

Scarf crocheted with size H hook using unknown acrylic yarn Mom sent to me
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Scarf started last night using Red Heart acrylic yarn Mom sent to me in color "Ocean", using size I hook. The color variation is so pretty in this one.
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STO "Christmas in July" exchange:
4 My Boys design, turned into an envelope or a pocket for kleenex packs (looks strange because I have stuff inside of it).
Scissor fob is from HIH "Winter Fobs" stitched up in 1 day!
Crocheted dishcloth using Peaches & Creme color "Sea Mist" using size G hook (I think)
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Update on Enchanted Alphabet
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New start, "Twinkle, Twinkle" on PTP fabric
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A sneak peek at a coming attraction:
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The scarves are for a new group that I joined, CraftingForACause. It is a yahoo group that helps the UC Davis infusion center (pediatric) and the Pine Ridge Reservation. I wanted to find some way to donate my time and some use for the yarn that Mom has been sending me.
They take all kinds of donations as they are opening up a small store (they are non profit) and they also have craft bazaars that they participate in. There is also another charity they work with...the name escapes me but basically it is sending crafting supplies to young adults with developmental disabilities.
This weeks shocking shopping in Saipan moment:
We were at Joeten in Susupe and I saw bing cherries, a small package mind you, and I thought, "Mmmm...cherries. So they aren't Rainier, they would still be good." That is until I looked at the price...$11.99 per pound! Guess I won't be eating those anytime soon. We took a road trip out west last summer on our way to LA to drop off the car before flying to Guam. We were in Washington and found Rainier cherries for $2.50 per pound. I had to send Dad a postcard about it because he goes to the 320 store and buys them for $8-10 per pound when they are in season and just gorges himself silly on them. Hard to believe that was just one year ago.
I am so sick of our power going out. It went out 3 times yesterday, sometime after midnight...coming back on at 3 am, out again just before 1 pm, on again around 3 pm and then around 6 pm until about 7:30 pm. really gets old. We have a generator, but would rather use it for typhoons or long term power outages.
Lady doing what she does best:
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I am so sick of blogger not putting photos in after I have uploaded them so I used my Photobucket account...sorry if they are huge but I have just spent 30 minutes resizing them and it still is wonky. I will work on it later. :)


Saipan Chamoale said...

Hi, we met on the Fuji Maru last week.

Even if blogger doesn't put your photos up, they are still saved on blogger. You just have to know how to write the code for the picture to appear.

Look at the html for a picture that did load properly, copy it, paste it, and then change the last few letters to the picture that you want.

For example, if the photo that loaded correctly ended in /IMG_2045
and the photo you want is IMG_2056, just change the 2045 to 2056.

Got it? Leave me a comment if you need more help.

~Kim~ said...

WOW you have so much going on for you now dont you!

Have you sent the grandparents their surprises yet!!?!