Wednesday, July 19, 2006



I almost have a finish! Whee! This one is by Waxing Moon Designs and it is in the "Good Sports" leaflet. There is another one in there about golf, but since I don't know any serious golfers, it will be in the trade pile soon. All I have left to do is the fishing pole, line, basket and attach my cute cute cute JABC trout & lure buttons. I am stitching it on some random 28 ct linen from the stash.

I am about dying of startitis. I want to start so many things, it is killing me. Lately it has been "Houses of Hawk Run Hollow". I have the chart and I just need to locate some 40 ct linen for it. Oooh, I got confirmation that my order for "Village of Hawk Run Hollow" has shipped. Anyone that is still looking for it, I ordered mine from All Stitched Up and got it for $17 something with shipping (I think). Fantastic steal for a chart that goes normally for $30+.


Well, I guess that we are into the rainy season here. I am enjoying it. The weather is a bit cooler and I *actually* like rain. The smell of the rain is much better than the smell of the people in the neighborhood that refuse to pay for garbage service and actually burn their garbage instead. Yes, I know who it is and I just shake my head. Even though they are burning plastic. And probably styrofoam plates.

Please disregard the overgrown lawn in the picture. Our lawn care is included in our lease. The lawn guy is officially off the Christmas Card List this year. A bit harsh you may say but I will disagree. We moved in at the end of April and the yard was freshly trimmed. He has been here twice since then. Yes, twice. If anyone has forgotten, we are in the middle of July now. And they don't trim it with normal lawn mowers. No they use rigged up weed-whackers here. They like to call them bush cutters. Well, if ya didn't let it get so long, maybe you could use a regular mower and call it a lawn, instead of bush cutter. Call me crazy.


I wish that we got home delivery. DH has been going to a class every day that is the opposite way of the post office and I am waiting very impatiently for some items to arrive. So I will wait. Impatiently.

I forgot to mention in my last post that this weekend we went to Blockbuster (yes, we actually have a Blockbuster!) to look for a new movie. Blockbuster is where we buy our movies. And we get them cheaply. How you might ask? Well, they have a whole wall of "previously viewed" movies that are bargain priced. I don't have to be the first person to remove the wrapper on a movie and if it saves us $10, then that is even better. I found "The Family Stone" and thought it looked good. I for some reason remembered hearing decent things about it. The sticker price was $7.99. When they rang it up, it was only $4.99! Alas, "The Family Stone" sucked. I thought it was so promising with Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, "Coach" Craig T. Nelson and Diane Keaton in it. It just dragged on and on. Sarah Jessica Parker was the wrong person for that role. Although I have to say the best character was the Mom, played by Diane Keaton. She was a hoot!

Okay, I am tired of fighting with Blogger, trying to upload my photos. I have been thinking about how to apply the knowledge that another blogger left for me one other time I was having problems uploading (the photos have uploaded, they just don't show) and I think that I figured it out! Now, I just don't know why the picture is ringed in blue (the weather one), maybe it will be fine once I publish. I am sick of HTML so that's it for today!

Off to watch Days and stitch :)



~Kim~ said...

Ok I swore I left a comment last night.. Blogger must be eating the comments now!

Cute fishing design Missy! Who are you stitching it for? Cant wait to see it with the buttons on!

Send some of that rain this way.. in the area I live in we are under a Red Alert which means NO FIRE at all... or big trouble!

I hear ya about the mail.. gosh its amazing how we wait all day for the mail.. to see what goodies we get.. and then all we get is junk or bills. ARGH!

Hope to hear that you are starting something soon! Cant wait to see pics!

How is the nursery decorating going.. are you still going with Twinkle Twinkle?


Jenn said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mail is not arriving...but, glad to hear that my package isn't the only one delayed..You'll have a great day when everything arrives. It will be like Christmas. :)