Friday, July 21, 2006

Yay! Fun Mail Day!!!!

Today was a great mail day! I got tons of stuff!

The most recent issue of UK Cross Stitcher from my BF Stels, who isn't a stitcher but I am hoping someday to lure her to the dark side. : ) I had to sit down and go through it as soon as it came, found a few charts already that I need to stitch. Thanks again, Man! I love surprises! And your cards, as usual...they said it all.

A great RAK package from Jenn! I love to read and somehow she has picked up on this tidbit about me. She sent me the 2 books, a cute kitty card and 2 charts. I had the 4 My Boys one on my "watch" list on eBay. Guess I can take it off now, huh?! And I had never seen the "Kitty Litter" chart before...too cute! I am already thinking about stitching it up and substituting a couple of heart buttons instead of the mini kitty ones. Thanks so much, Jenn! You are so very generous. I have already started reading "P.S. I Love You". Yeah, the pregnant lady was crying in the first dozen pages already, LOL. (It starts out kinda sad)

I got an eBay win. Everyone raves about Yoga, so I thought I would give it a whirl. No better time than when you are carrying your first child, right? : )

We got a big box of goodies from Dad & J. They sent a note with it that was so freaking adorable that it is definitely going into the baby's scrapbook. They are so excited to be Grandparents. I had told them a while back to watch the auctions and estate sales for a usable bean crock or bean pot. DH really really wanted to find one before we came over here, but we couldn't. So, they found one and surprised him with it. J also sent us a t-shirt, hat, koozies and sunglasses with the Miller Lite Logo on them. Pretty neat. Best part about the whole package...Landjaegers! I love those stinky things. I immediately cut open the package and put them in a paper bag and into the refrigerator they went. Only after that whirlwind of action did I think, "Dang, I should have taken a picture of them so everyone would know what I am talking about." Oh well. Everyone just needs to take a road trip to Wisconsin to get some. And then keep heading north, and we can visit Kim!

I finished this tonight. It is from the Waxing Moon Designs "Good Sports". I stitched it on 28 ct. linen leftover fabric in my stash. It is for my In-Laws. You ought to see some of the fish that my FIL catches on the river! Monsters, I swear! Now I am in a framing dilemma. I really want to frame it for them, but I don't know of any framers here on Island. Is it tacky to send it to them unframed with some money towards a frame of their choice and the name & number of a good framer? I figure that they will hang it on their enclosed porch and the only reason I wanted to frame it under glass was because some of the people that come over smoke and don't bother to go outside. What do y'all think? Tacky or no?

Next I am going to start working on my Rainbow Gallery SAL. I think that I will have to start with C & D to begin with since I am waiting for my fabric for A & B to arrive. Kim - I still have "Twinkle Twinkle" basted on the scroll rods...just lost my momentum for that one right now. I plan on picking it up again in the next week or two.


I really wanted to go swimming to our little beach that we like to go to, but I read in the paper that something like 24 beaches are red flagged due to contamination so maybe next weekend. Read about it here I wonder if the tourists know about the contamination? I would be very pissed if I went to a tropical island for vacation and came home with a screaming case of e.coli.

Yeah, our electricity rates are going to double and that really stinks. We would be paying $18/month in Louisiana for what we are going to be paying over $100 for here. Read about it here

And if that weren't enough...our gas rates were hiked up again. Regular is now $3.519. If you want to see the other rates, read about it here. I graduated in 1995 and gas that year at the little Mobil station was $1.17/gallon. And everyone talked about how outrageous that was. Good thing that DH rides his bike to work, and when we do use the car, it just sips the gas. Honda's rock!

Oh, more thing. We had an earthquake on Wednesday night. Not an uncommon thing around here. I certainly didn't feel it. It was a 4.8. I think that people that live in apartment buildings and work in office buildings probably felt it, but I didn't know until I read it in the paper. Read about it here



Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that the package arrived and that you liked everything in it.

Your finish looks cute. What I would do is send the piece to them along with a note explaing why it's not framed. Then offer to pay for the framing. See what they say. I wouldn't send the money till they get back to you. They (probably) will say no but at least they know you offered.

Anonymous said...


To lure me to the dark side you have to be readily available and in the states!

~Kim~ said...


You are AWESOME! I received stashy mail today from YOU! You are too generous! The fabric will be put to GREAT use!

You are a wonderful person, and I really enjoy coming home to see what is going on in your world!

Wow you have received some lovely mail yourself... you deserve it!
I have to laugh.. I have no idea was a Landjaeger is.. LOL And I live in Wisconsin all my life. I would love anyone that wants to come on over! Its beautiful at this time of the year!

Where does your BF live? Maybe I can lure her to the dark side!?!?! LOL

Regarding your adorable finish.. I LOVE the boober! Where do your inlaws live? If you want I could get it framed for you - and send it to your inlaws.. ??

Thanks for letting me know about the little tidbit. How are you feeling being pregnant?

I guess I cant complain much about the gas compared to your prices.. its 3.159 here, but the media is talking about the gas going up to $4 a gallon by Labor Day! About 5 yrs ago, when I was traveling 130 miles oneway to visit DH on the weekends I remember when it was $1.859 and cried cause I wasnt going to be able to afford it if it was that high.. and here we are today. It cost me about $40 every 4 or 5 days, with my travels to work and back. I gotta get a horse!

Sorry for taking up so much or your comment box...


Kiwi Jo said...

I don't think it would be tacky to send $$ for framing since I do the same thing with my family lol! I love the fishing design - I think I might stitch that for my Dad who is a big fisherman.

Heather said...

I don't think it's wrong at all to send it unframed. Much safer on the glass and all your hard work, which is brilliant by the way.

Heather said...

If you ever need any of the UK magazines, just let me know and I am more than happy to send them to you.