Monday, July 10, 2006

I want the rain to come back

I think that I would be able to live in the Pacific Northwest perfectly. I love gray, rainy days. We have been having that weather for the past 3 days and I was getting so spoiled. Plus, it was so nice and cool with the strong wind gusts we had been having. But, alas it is no more. Back to perpetual summer as I type this. The birds are chriping and the sun is beating down. I truly miss the change of the seasons. The weather here is just not natural for this Midwestern girl.

We didn't do a lot this weekend. Mostly just hung around the house which is just how I like to spend my time with DH. I did a tiny bit of cleaning and a little bit of stitching, reading, net surfing, and watching TV. DH had to go to work on Saturday for a while so I met him in there later in the day and we had lunch and did a little bit of grocery shopping. Love the frozen berries at Costco! Surprisingly, Saipan has a Costco. We don't shop there for much more than berries or cheese. Sometimes candy if I can sneak it onto the checkout belt. This time we also had to get a giant sized bag of Prunes. DH has decided that we need to get more fiber in our diet. I don't really think that I have a need for more fiber, but when analyzing our typical food intake for a day...yeah we do come a bit short of the RDA of fiber. I have yet to eat a prune but he did get me to eat some cracked wheat hot cereal with cranberries the other day.

I did order "Village of Hawk Run Hollow" and I got it cheap ! That was going to be the only way I could get it. Besides waiting for someone to hawk their copy on ebay in a few months for a couple bucks less than what it regularly goes for. I was stunned when I was looking at Stitching Bits & Bobs and a couple other sites by the prices of the Village kitted up with the NPI silk threads and fabric! Seriously, some of the places are kitting this up for $180 or so!!! I for one can not imagine laying down that kind of cash on one project. I understand the heirloom issue but I guess I will just use plain ole DMC and order a cut of 40 ct. linen somewhere. Plus, I like to rinse my projects when I am done and then press them on the backside on a towel so that the stitching stands up more. Especially if I have had it mushed in my Q-snaps or scroll rods.

I went through my fabric stash today and pulled out a couple of pieces that I am considering doing my "Mothers Tree" on. I might try to tea-dye some cream colored Monaco. Anyone know if tea dying decreases the strength of fibers over time? I plan on rinsing it thoroughly but am wondering if in 50 years it will have little holes in it or something from the tea dying. I am planning on gridding this because that tree looks menacing to me to begin with. I have never gridded before, so this will be an adventure. I am hoping that I can zip through Mother's Tree so that I can start Houses of Hawk Run Hollow before we go to Australia. Not that I want to take it with me. I think that if I at least have the tree done and have most of Enchanted Alphabet done, then I will start HoHRH before Australia. I need to spend alot less time on the computer though! I don't really need to have 3 BAP's (Big Assed Projects) going at the same time with not a finish in sight.

I also went through my stash with an eye to see how much 32 ct. fabric I have...pretty good amount to begin with for our SAL of the Rainbow Gallery Freebies. I think that I will start my first one sometime this week or this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Carolyn's progress this month and then next month we actually start the SAL with Jo (who is 2 up on us).

I took a couple of naps this weekend and feel like I could use one today. This is our baby, Bella snoozing with me. She is the only one that likes to cuddle. I don't think that she cuddles DH though.

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Anyone use Mozilla Firefox for their browser? I am thinking that I want to download and install it here. I read that you have less blogger-photo-upload problems with it. I tried to upload pictures for the last couple of posts but once I clicked "Done", nothing happens. So, I had to resort to Photobucket today. I looked in the HTML for this post and didn't see anything that remotely resembeled a photo code. .



~Kim~ said...

I have used Mozilla Foxfire to upload my pictures on to blogger, but I have been having good luck lately with IE.

I love charting out patterns! Wanna send it to me, and I will do it for you!?! KIDDING!

Let me know how tea dying goes.. I have a piece of material that I want to stitch Snapperville on - and I want to tea dye it before I do - just havent had the time to do it yet. Should be in the near future - fingers crossed!!

You look so asleep! I love those kind of picture when the subject is doing something out of the ordinary, rather than posing. Hope you were dreaming about your days ahead with your baby!


Jenn said...

You and Bella look so sweet together.

I don't use Mozilla so I can't help you out with it. Sorry.