Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh Funding Fairy...we need you!

Want to know what has my panties in a bunch today? The power outages that is what!

Read about it here:

Power Outages to Worsen

I think that my favorite sentence from the whole story has to be this:

"Guerrero said their collections are low during certain periods of the month as most customers do not pay on regular due dates but rather wait until the day before disconnection."

And obviously, the government has no back-up plan other than to continue to tell the garment factories and the hotels to use their generators to provide power to their businesses. Oh, can't forget the plan to cry to their pals in Washington, D.C. that they are broke.

So, every day now (except Sundays) we will be without power at our house from 10 am to 12 pm. I guess it could be worse...I would be right pissed if the power was scheduled to be out from 8pm to 10 pm during the week. I like to watch "Hell's Kitchen" whenever I can catch it and am looking forward to "Big Brother".

If you want to see what the schedule looks like, click here

Come on privatization! I did not mind writing my monthly check out to Commonwealth Edison or Entergy when we lived back in the States. At least we had power every single day. Something needs to be done.

If you would like to read today's development, click here. I find it funny that the island government has "reportedly exhausted its credit line with the oil supplier and has to pay in cash on delivery". Hmm, sounds like the people learned from their leaders in this situation.

Anyone got 2.5 million bucks laying around they can wire us before July 17 so that we can pay Mobil for some more oil?

Of course it would have to be Mobil that we get the oil from. The one company that DH & I avoid like the plague. Being the tree huggers that we are.

We do our part to cut energy consumption costs. We unplug our stove, microwave, any clocks that aren't being used, the tv and have replaced all of our bulbs with energy efficient ones that will probably outlive us, and I use the clothes line for 95% of our clothes drying. We average 450 kwh of consumption every month.


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~Kim~ said...

OMG! That is just soooo cruel! And to be with out power during the warmest parts of the day! Good gravy!

I feel for ya! Hope that this is only temporary!