Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm still here

Our weekend wasn't very exciting, but exactly what I needed. Well, that and a big plate of boiled shrimp and lobster. And a vodka gimlet. Okay, so I don't really need the gimlet, it just sounds really good right now. I live vicariously through DH right now and just smell the drinks that he has. Surprisingly enough, I have been enjoying the smell of a beer. Never thought that would happen!

Want to know what my Sunday was like? Okay!

Wake up around 7. Go back to sleep. Wake up close to 10. Get up, make a cup of decaf-organic-fair trade-coffee and pour myself a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. Scarf that down while reclining on the bed (I don't know if I have ever eaten in bed before), and reading a book that Jenn sent me. Lay there for a while watching TV with DH while he eats the left overs from our Thai lunch the previous day. Fall asleep. Fade in and out of consciousness. Sleep until 4 PM! I could not believe it! I haven't slept that much in forever. At least since I was single and weekends started on Wednesdays with quarter drafts at Shooters. For the remainder of the day I tried to get my brain wrapped around the fact that I just wasted the whole day! This picture pretty much sums up how I felt about it:


My appointment is this Thursday. I had to change it from last Thursday because DH was in a class and we like to go together (at least I think that we do). I *think* that I may have been feeling a little bit of movement. Hard to tell. I know it is still a little bit early and it may be wishful thinking, but I get a little giddy when it happens. It's probably just gas and I'm an idiot :)

I have been having bizarro dreams lately.

1) DH went and bought a hoopty brown Mercury Grand Marquis (you know the big old boat) that was in mint condition. I named it the "Poopty Hoopty". He financed it for $18,000. Then he went and adopted this little boy who had some dermatological issues on his face. I said some very mean things to DH about the baby which were totally uncalled for and I am embarrassed now so I won't share here. But, let me just throw this disclaimer out: it was not at all against adoption. I had decided long ago that I thought adoption was great and was a path we would pursue in the event that we were infertile. Basically it was me reverting into my old self...the shallow catty bitch. Anyway back to the dream... Then he went out and bought a new VW Bug. Yellow with a black top. Not a convertible. And he wouldn't let me drive it! I could only drive the Poopty Hoopty. And for some reason I must have been stuck on $18,000. He financed the VW for that as well. Kinda funny considering we paid off our car this summer and for the first time since I bought my own car (stupidly ordered the Chrysler PT Cruiser with all the bells and whistles the first year they came out) in 2000...I / we are car-payment free and it is fabulous!

Oh yeah, BTW...the baby hated me and only liked DH. Freak.

2) For some reason I was back home in Illinois at one of the hospitals in town (we have 3, as a nurse, I always have to throw that fact out there) having a stent put in my bladder because of issues I had been having. When I woke up from the anesthesia the doctor was doing an ultrasound of my belly. Man she was a nice doctor. I basically begged her to be my new OB since I don't currently have one to call my own and she reluctantly agreed even though she despises the military insurance plan. Reimbursement issues I would imagine. Hey, it is better than most out there! Anyway, as she was doing the ultrasound, she said "Well, your baby weighs 6 pounds". I was shocked! Shocked, I tell you! I said, "6 pounds...already? I haven't even gained any weight." She said, "Yep... and it will be here in 30 days." To which I cried out, "Oh no, not 30 days. We are doing something very important then. Are you sure 30 days? Did I calculate wrong all this time? Am I further along than I thought?". *Poof* she was gone and I woke up all kinds of stressed out.

3) Then there are the ever-present spider dreams. Y'all, I hate spiders like nothing else. I can handle the tiny ones, but when they get bigger than the size of my pinky nail...creeps me out. And my dreams always have the ginormous ones that are all kinds of furry. Some kind of tarantula mutation or something. Like they need a haircut. It is those dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night wondering why I am dreaming them and if indeed there is a spider crawling on me or in the bed.


I am working on a top secret project for the next day or so. I really wish I could show pictures, but it is a present that is long overdue for someone that I think reads this blog so I have to keep my trap shut and camera firmly stowed. I promise to show pictures once it is received. Here is a little teaser: It is a Bent Creek and I am doing it over one on 28 count monaco. Stay tuned.

Jo, thanks for your offer, I do appreciate it and I may take you up on it sometime. I think that I have it sorted out for now. Thanks though!


Our power rates have officially gone up. OSB wrote a good post about it on his blog. Be sure to check out the comments section...there was a good posting from "that guy". He made some very good points. Especially about educating consumers. There is a ton of electricity waste here that is unnecessary. I was surprised when we moved into our house that there weren't any ceiling fans. We had discussed buying one and putting it in the living room since that is the largest space, but we have vaulted ceilings that are slanted and it would end up being a huge hassle. Besides our landlord has way more important things to worry about than installing a ceiling fan for us.

DH mentioned a couple weeks ago about us getting some solar panels while we are here. I think that it would not be beneficial for us to do it since we are only here for 2 years. And who knows how much they would cost to ship over, and if the idiot movers could pack them well enough so that they didn't break when we left. Since we know that we wouldn't get our money's worth out of them to use them here and sell them when we left.

Seems that the Government isn't willing to look at other options. No, they would rather do something down the line that just seems dirty & dishonest to me. And it kills me that the Governor is talking about it in the paper! Reminds me of when people would buy things on base at the Commissary or Exchange for people who don't have priviledges. Borderline abuse if you ask me. Just my opinion.


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