Monday, July 17, 2006

Where the hell have I been?

If you can't get the video to work (my first time trying to link a google video), click here

Evidently, this video has been out for over a year. I just found it in the last couple of weeks. Of course I had to email it to some of my friends. If you want to see how funny this kid is, just click the play button and make sure that you have your sound turned on. Funny thing is, there are tons more kids out there imitating this kid. Never fails to make me laugh. Especially with the eyebrow raising.


I didn't do much this weekend. Strike that. I didn't do any. I did start on one for my In-Laws that is perfect. I think that I will work some more on it today and post a picture of it tomorrow.


Did I ever mention that there are tons of rats here? At least where we live. Probably doesn't help that on one side of our property, there is what seems to be an abandoned structure (possibly a tin house) that is slowly being overtaken by jungle growth. Yesterday, we were sitting at the dining room table, eating lunch and DH says, "Hey look" as he is pointing out the sliding glass door into the backyard. My first thought was, "Oooh, a baby bunny, hope Lady doesn't see it." What I initially thought was a bunny was actually a RAT!!! Gross! It ran into a hollow spot in one of the trees in our yard. Later when we were outside trimming some small branches and these root type of vines that grow down, Lady was all about the hollow hole in the tree. DH decided to poke his hiking stick into the hole and out came the rat. Lady was all about it, poor rat didn't even have a chance. She was on it in an instant. All I could say was, "No Lady...don't let it bite you, they carry diseases, don't eat it!" As the rat was squealing in her mouth. She didn't eat it, in fact as soon as she dropped it and it was confirmed dead, DH scooped it up with my hedge clippers and took it across the yard and chucked it into the abandoned lot. Thank goodness there is a fence seperating our yards. We did put rat poison in the garage about a month ago. When we moved here, we stocked up on our Eukanuba dog & cat food and shipped a ton of it over with our household goods. Well, a critter tried to get at it and I decided then that the rats had to go. Nevermind the fact that they carry diseases.


I spoke too soon about the fab weather on Saturday. The hotness has returned. It was kind of overcast for a while in the morning, so when the power went out at 10 am, we decided to go to American Memorial Park and Museum. Can I just say kudos to whomever thought of and executed this for the public. It is a great park with lots of marble memorials to the service personnel and the locals that died here during WWII. Then there is the museum. What a great experience even though the sound effects and flashing "bomb explosion" lights get to be a bit much if you want to stop and read every one of the dioramas. That is a great place and the best part is that it is free. There is a donation box if you should be so inclined to support the fantastic community service that it provides. We didn't stick around to watch the movie because it would have been a 20 minute wait and my blood sugar was bottoming out quickly.

Of course, like a dumbass, I forgot my camera so I guess we will just have to go back so I can get some pictures!


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~Kim~ said...

Oh wow, I think I will keep our bears.. as we not seen one yet this summer.. hope I dont jinx myself now.. LOL

The American Memorial Park sounds neat.. something I wouldnt mind seeing!

Hope this weather is not to hot for you! We just had our heat wave.. got up to 100 degrees over the weekend.. it was awful at work!
How your staying cool!