Monday, July 03, 2006

I think my DSL farted

I had a nice post all ready to be saved as a draft and once I hit "save as draft", I got the "page not found" so I hit my back luck. That's island life for ya.

I tried to insert a picture from our webshots album into the top of the blog, but it didn't work. *sigh* eventually I will get it. Thanks for the comments about my "new" look ; )

I finished the first half of the alphabet on Enchanted Alphabet:
So I let myself start a new one, something small in honor of the holiday. It is "Pray For Peace" by Birds of a Feather. I think that it is appropriate. I think that it is a 28 ct. evenweave, ivory color and I am using DMC.
Good thing that I wasn't able to post my last post. I was venting on other military wives that disrespect their DH's, their Country and their DH's boss, the President by voicing their belligerent opinions about the state of the Union and the war in Iraq. And I am a Democrat. I am all for freedom of speech but as a military spouse, there are certain subjects where we should tread lightly.

Anyone stitching the freebies from Rainbow Gallery? I was thinking about doing them as a SAL...any takers? I am hoping to turn them into a book type of thing, they are really cute and introduce you to a new stitch with each letter of the alphabet. I have A-E printed out so far. I am not Mrs. Gottrocks so I can't afford (or really justify) laying out the moolah $$$ for the Rainbow Gallery fibers so I will be using DMC. Ooh, I was just there and saw that they now have the "F" chart up. Wonder if "F" stands for french knot? My arch nemesis...I'd prefer to do the Colonial knot but in the spirit of learning, I will do french knots if it calls for it. That was one of the first embroidery stitches I learned. That and the lazy daisy. Mom used to buy me pillowcases to embroider. I loved doing them!

I need to sell some stash. I want to sign up for the automatics from Elegant Stitch for the Esmeralda's Friends monthly series. It is for a good cause, breast cancer charities. Hmmm, wonder if it could be considered tax deductable? : ) That would be a way to get DH to let me do it. I just have a hard time spending, spending, spending when I am not working. I will have to put together a comprehensive listing. I have some in my photobucket account, but I need to take more pictures. If you go to photobucket, my name is curlystitcher.

Well, I have almost all of my chores done and it isn't even 10 am. One more load of towels to go and finish the dishes. I change our bed linens and towels every Monday, a habit I started once we got married. Helps me feel domestic. Gotta go put the linens out on the line, I don't hear the washer running anymore.



Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Missy! Your new template looks great! Wonderful stitching as always too. I'm stitching the RG freebies - well actually I started a few months ago and got as far as B so maybe a SAL is what I need to get myself inspired again. I'm just using good old DMC too.

Jenn said...

Both your pieces are looking good. I love Enchanted Alphabet. I feel like i'm stitching like a turtle in all this heat. So I feel like i'm getting nothing done.