Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Day & Our List!!

Since it is Nov 1 here, it is the official first day of NaBloPoMo, I hope that I can keep up! I have to figure out today if I am going to follow a schedule where every day of the week has a specific topic and I blog about that or if I am going to keep it random. Prolly random, suits me.

DH sent our list up yesterday. After much deliberation, here it is:

  1. Portsmouth, NH
  2. Cincinnati, OH
  3. Huntington, WV
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Ketchikan, AK
  6. Juneau, AK
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. Houma, LA
We decided that since there will be a few of us putting Portsmouth as our #1, we would let the Detailer figure it out. We should know in January-ish where we are going.

I know that it seems so strange to some people, but we do kind of get to pick where we are going. We usually end up putting places that aren't the most popular, so we usually get our first pick. Last time, we put Guam as our first pick. Not too many people want to go to Guam. There is a chance that you don't get any of your picks though. Say you only put 3 places down that you want to go...well, if there are people that are better qualified or have a higher priority than you that also put those places, chances are, you won't get any of them and will be sent somewhere you really don't want. That is why we put quite a few down. We really don't want to go to Long Island, NY, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, etc. I don't know if it is the same in the other branches of military, but that is how it is in the US Coast Guard.

Here is the story about the earthquake yesterday. Kind of freaky that at the same time, one was happening in California. Hmmm.



Anonymous said...

so if you do move, how long would you be there? Reason I am asking is in the next few years we want to move to Maine where Bill's family is. If your in N.H. that would be so cool! Glad you are all okay after the Earthquake. We had a small one last week here in the desert. Seems like California has been moving lately. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Lana said...

Hmmm...I was thinking exactly the same thing about the earthquakes there and in Cali...very odd!

Chiloe said...

Hope you get your fisrt pick !!!

I don't get what is the Nablopomo about??? Do you have to post everyday about a special topic?

Gina said...

I'm here from the frugal homemakers group on Ravelry. I'm sorta kinda doing my own version of Nablopomo.

We have lived in the Dayton/ Cincinnati, OH area since '94. We love it. Its a nice place to live and the cost of living is reasonable.

Aunt Jackie said...

Ok, this has been bugging me all day. Why did you put NH as your FIRST choice? Just selfish of me I know, but darn-it I want you within driving distance. Forgive me, please.