Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saipan Saturday

As per our routine, we were boring and did the usual today. Farmer's Market, post office, Ace hardware, Joeten for groceries. We also went to the Brilliant Star Montessori School's Holiday Bazaar. It was nicely planned and put together.

The Christmas trees are in at Joeten (the "Department" store that is also the grocery store). And if you were to believe the radio advertisements, "Christmas just isn't the same without a fresh tree from Joeten." Here's a closer look at the prices (click on picture to enlarge).....

No $50 Christmas tree lots here on the island.

I think that our Christmas will be just fine with our free artificial tree that is almost as old as I am. We spent some time yesterday putting up said free tree and getting the lights on it. It is sans ornaments for a while, we want Connor to get used to it without breaking all of the ornaments immediately.
(Psssst, those are fake presents under our tree. We use them every year that way it doesn't look so lonely under there until we actually get a couple of real presents under there.)

I also did something today that I am hoping becomes a least for the next 6 months. I met up with Deece again for a Mom's knitting & coffee time. Yay! Her little girl is just as cute as can be and is exactly how I imagined her.


P.S. Gayle, it isn't a typo that you read. We plan on trying again in April-ish 2008 : )


Chiloe said...

The prices make you want to fell in love with artificial ones !!! lol

Anonymous said...

You go girl!:)
And I love all my artificial trees. Gayle

Deece said...

I love the artificial tree.

And I hope it will be a routine too. :) 6 months really isn't that long....why didn't we start sooner??

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your tree looks great so do your scarves and shawl, and Connor what a cutie stepping out on his own, they are not babies long enough, my baby is already four.

KaLu said...

Your tree looks beautiful!
i put one up in our room for alondra but i dont have a problem with her breaking anything since she doesnt want to crawl ...=[

wait a minute did i just see connor walking while holding daddys hand?!?!?! my chunks is sooo behind on that