Thursday, November 15, 2007

FO Thursday # 2

I haven't had that many finished objects to blog about in the past week, but I do have a few pictures (click pictures to make bigger):

The Ball Band Dishcloth
"Grinch Vomit" colorway (red & green Bernat cotton yarn)
I like the eclectic look/design of this cloth, but don't care for the size. I need to modify the cast-on rows to make it less wide.

Yellow/White Ombre Peaches n Cream colorway
This was fun and makes a lovely cloth. I will make more of these.

Another view so you can see the neat color pooling.
Simple crocheted dishcloth, pattern from blogging friend
Same yarn as DW cloth
Quick to crochet, takes about a day for between wrangling a 10 month-old
More to come next week, so stay tuned!

Gayle, you asked if I only used cotton for my cloths...Yes. For now at least. I have heard wonderful things about Bamboo and Hemp, so someday I would like to try those, but they are kind of pricey (since they are so new), so I will wait. I love the fact that the cotton is pretty cheap and you get functional things from it. I can get at least one cloth out of a little ball of cotton, and here, the balls are about $2.25 each. As for the wool, it is all for gifts. Although I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we do move to a cooler climate next year. I am getting tired of sweating day in and day out.

I have already pulled the pattern and the needles along with the Navy Andean Silk to start the Irish Hiking Scarf. I just need to get a little bit more done on the shawl/poncho thing before I can cast on. It will be my first time doing cables!

I was considering using the Bordeaux colored Swish and doing the Besotted Scarf, we will see. I totally want to order more Andean Silk to do a Clapotis for a gift. Must. control.myself.

Do you just love my Meez on the sidebar? I do! She even has a Barack Obama shirt on, khaki shorts and lime green Crocs. So me! Of course I wear my glasses when I knit. Most of the time anyway. Do you think that the Meez is too big? I use firefox as a browser and my laptop has a wide screen, so it is hard for me to tell.

In the sadness department:

When Mom died, my BFF's DH (Hi Jason!) very graciously worked with me to create a video to be shown at her memorial luncheon. Wait, back up...he did the work, I just gave him the pictures, the list of songs and pointed out the order that I wanted things (thanks again, BTW). Anyway, it turned out fabulous and I watch it every couple of weeks. I gave Mom's parents and siblings a copy of it along with a framed picture of Mom that nobody had ever seen before.

So, getting on with the sadness part. You all know that we don't have TV here (we have tv's, we just don't have cable so no cable = no tv, not even with rabbit ears, and yes, it is by choice), so every day I have the radio on a certain channel and I keep it on all day long. I have noticed that about every other day, I hear "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor during the day. The eerie/sad part is that it is one of the songs on Mom's dvd and I end up crying while singing it. I miss her so much, I can't even begin to try to explain how I feel. In a way, I keep telling myself that it is her trying to let me know that she is here with me, but I don't know if I believe that 100%.



Anonymous said...

Great dishcloths. I love the peaches and cream crochet one.

I can't begin to understand how you're feeling honey. I am like you in the do I believe that kind of thing or not, but if it comforts you then thats all that matters. The memorial video was a wonderful tribute to your mum.

debijeanm said...

Except for a short, obnoxious adolescent phase, my mom has been my best friend always. Her mother died at 51, her dad at 58. She is now 75 and is more fragile every time I see her. I won't know what you're going through until it happens, but I feel it coming in a way I have never felt before. I'm doing my best to treasure what I have, and I thank you for the reminders that life is short no matter how long we live and we will treasure the memories they leave, even though it hurts. Hugs.

Jennifer said...

I love your Meez! And apparently the guy sitting at the bar in the green shirt does you see him? He's looking at your shorts I think...LMAO!