Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Family Day

Today is day 2 of NaBloPoMo, which is a month (November) dedicated to posting to your blog once a day. Short for National Blog Posting Month I believe. Anyone can join, I know that Kendra is doing it as well. Whee! It gives people a little push to try to find their blog voice and develop the habit of blogging regularly.

Yesterday I said that I thought I would just do random postings, nothing too structured. While I am going to stick with the noting too structured part, I decided that for me, random-ness sometimes leads to laziness. And that isn't interesting. So, I came up with a little schedule-y thing. You will have to check back every day to see what fun and exciting things I post about *said with great enthusiasm*.

Friday: Family Day- Yay! I talk about family issues and the cutest monster baby, Connor.

This was Connor's first Halloween. I bought him an outfit to wear while we were at home because I really thought that we would still be there through Halloween. Sadly I was wrong. I asked DH if we should take the outfit back and he said no, to keep it, Connor can wear it in Saipan.

He was a penguin! I know that we will probably pay dearly for this one someday when we are residents of the nursing home, but I just couldn't help myself.

DH wanted to put a hawaiian shirt on him to make him a "Saipan Penguin", but the kid was already sweating buckets, so I said no. We went to our friend's house to show them since he is too small to trick or treat.

Speaking of trick or treating, how old is too old? I don't remember trick or treating past 6th grade, DH can't really recall but thinks that trick or treating in High School is okay. I disagree. I think that once the kids hit High School, then it is time to call it quits.

Back before we had Connor, we never had to think about these earth-shattering subjects. So, tell me, how old is too old?


Cindy said...

Your little one looks so cute!

I think that if kids are old enough to go out trick or treating on their own (and *don't* want mom and dad along!) they are too old to go :)

Aunt Jackie said...

How old is too old? When they are just in it for the candy and don't bother with the costume! Kaitlyn (15) went with some friends this year. She said it was her last year and wanted to go with her friends so I agreed. She's a good kid and works hard in school, she deserved a night out with her friends. So, is 15 to old? Maybe some think so, but does it really matter what everyone else thinks?

Kendra said...

Cute costume! I can imagine he might have been a bit warm, though!

You ask how old is too old...well, is it bad for me to say that a group of my friends and I went trick or treating as sophomores in college? Seriously...we all dressed up and went into one of the residential neighborhoods in West Lafayette near campus. Hey, we had fun and got free food...isn't that what college is all about? LOL!

I don't remember the last year I went trick or treating as a kid...maybe in junior high?? I remember going to Halloween parties at friends' houses in high school...those took the place of trick or treating by then.

Nicole said...

Connor looks adorable :)

I'd say it depends on the kid, I matured kind of late and my best friend and I trick-or-treated through 10th grade, we loved making our own costumes and going around. We had to be driven by our parents (we lived in the country so you couldn't walk to more than a few houses before needing to be driven).

I think the rule is if you don't want to dress up you're too old.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nicole. Once the kid 'can't be bothered' to make a good effort with their costume then they are too old.

We didn't get one trick or treater again this year. I think when Riley is old enough we'll do Halloween parties instead.

Connie said...

My girls hit age 12 and didn't even ask for a costume. Trick or treating was definitely out...they thought they were more grown up than that, I guess. The trend here in our town is to take children to parties instead of trick or treating anyway...much safer, and warmer!!! It got close to freezing on Halloween this year!

Lana said...

AWWWWW!!!! Your little penguin is ADORABLE!!! I just want to squeeze him! lol! SO cute!

Jenn said...

That is the most adorable little penguin I've ever seen! :)