Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clean Up Sunday

Did I ever mention how much I adore Christmas movies? I enjoy watching them year round, but once late November hits, I watch one every day. We are watching The Family Stone right now. At first I hated this movie, but now it is one of my top 5 Christmas movies.

In the spirit of Christmas, and trying to elude extreme Grinchy-ness here at the House of Grinch (watched that on on Friday), DH brought me a book from the bookshelf yesterday. I am wondering if this is a hint or if he was just being nice and thought I looked bored? I think it was a hint. It is a favorite of mine....

(A quick peek at shows this book for 1 cent (3.99 shipping)! Click on the title under the picture to be taken to

My movie is playing and I have a cabled scarf calling my name. Ciao!



Chiloe said...

Martha Stewart ... waow! If this is not s sign ! lol I also love christmas movies and christmas songs but I nave problems feelong the christmas spirit in november ;-)

debijeanm said...

Add me to the list! The Family Stone is easily in my top five, too, if not at the top of the list. Wonderful ensemble of actors who did a fabulous job. I always cry, but it's a reminder that we get to keep all they've given us.