Thursday, November 08, 2007

FO Thursday

One week down, three to go. This NaBloPoMo thing is kicking my tuchus. I am having a hard time keeping up with emails, let alone time to waste browse on Ravelry. And I do so *heart* Ravelry.

Today's theme is FO's (Finished Objects). I don't have much to show, I just finished the Ball Band Dishcloth a little while ago and haven't taken a picture. So you will have to wait until next Thursday to see it. I keep calling it "Grinch Vomit". Seriously, this thing looks like it was made at the House of Fug. I think that I will try a different color combo next time around. But it is "festive".

To tide you over, may I present....the orphan dishcloths waiting to find their new homes on Christmas:

With the Ball Band dishcloth, that makes 11 done. I was hoping to give 3 per family/house but my knitting skills are s-l-o-w. I might only be able to do 2 per family/house. If the latter is correct, then I am half way done. I could always kick it into gear and just crochet them...I can do one a day hooking it. Decisions, decisions.

Little Grey Cat, you wondered about the two colors on the Ball Band dishcloth. And the Knifty Knitter. Well, this was my first time working with two colors and not cutting and knotting. Evidently tying knots to secure the thread is a big no-no in the knitting world (not sure what the punishment would be). I was totally intimidated by the dishcloth without ever seeing the pattern, but once I did and saw how easy it is...well. I just carried the color that I wasn't using up the side as I was knitting. It was a mess while knitting, but I didn't feel like weaving in eleventy thousand ends for one stupid dishcloth. Now, the Knifty Knitter...basically it is a loom (or set of looms) that you use to knit with. You wrap the yarn around the pegs and use this thing that looks like a torture dental device and knit away. I haven't used it yet, but am chomping at the bit.

Learn more here, see patterns online here (although there are many more sites out there).

I am off like a Prom dress, I have this week's KAL dishcloth to cast on. We are doing the Darrel Waltrip dishlcoth

And I found the motherlode of dishcloth resources... Dish and Washcloth Mania. *nirvana*

One more picture (because posts are so much more fun with pictures). I love these:

Cupcakes AND Knitting? *swoon* These were made for a stitching night at a LYS (Local Yarn Store) (picture stolen from Ravelry).



debijeanm said...

Knitted dishclothes are the best! You might inspire me to dig out my knitting needles!

Attempts to block the Cheney impeachment resolution have failed and it has been sent to the Judicial Committee. Wah-hooo!

Anonymous said...

Arrrr, right. Now I understand ... kind of lol

Deece said...

You are blogging faster than I can keep up. :)

Debbie said...

Those look great!! So clever.

Michelle said...

Now I'm gonna have to knit some dishcloths! Cute cupcakes!