Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading Tuesday

It is Tuesday morning here and I am tired (literally) of staying up late to blog every night. So, while Connor is enjoying a snack, I am posting.

On Saturday morning, while at the farmer's market, I saw a lady off to the side with stuff spread out on bleachers. There was a mad crush of people around her, so I ambled over to see what she was offering. I picked up this book:
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

For a quarter!!! I could hardly believe my luck. I am like #248 on the wait list at Paperbackswap for this one. Yay! I started reading it already, even though I have others from the library sitting here. Waiting patiently. Boni was correct in suggesting this one to me, it is right up my alley so far.

We have an appointment today for "counseling" in regards to our new overseas transfer. Yippee. We went through this 3 years ago when we went to Guam. Basically they just want to make sure that we are financially responsible to handle living in a remote area, that we are aware of harsh climate changes, distance from family, etc. Yes, yes, yes. Move us already! It is nice to know where we are going (so we don't keep wondering), but the crummy part is now we get to wait. And wait.



Susan said...

I just finished that one-you got a great price. It was a really good book-hope you enjoy it too!

monique said...

While you are waiting, maybe you should knit up some family sweaters :)

Michelle said...

I just read Peony in Love by Lisa See and loved it. Let me know how this one is!

Boni said...

Glad you like it, I want to read Peony but I'm always afraid of second books.