Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This Just In...

DH just called from work. He got an email from the Detailer saying that the overseas billots would be done by Thanksgiving, the higher priority ones would be done by Christmas and the others would be done in January.

Me: "So, are we considered overseas here in Saipan, or do we have to wait until Christmas when he does the higher priority ones?"

DH: "We are considered overseas now."


DH: "Because we are going to Alaska."

Yep, we are in for a big change. Tropical Island of Saipan to Juneau, Alaska. Juneau was our 6th choice out of 8. Not what I was expecting. I was planning on going to Cincinatti, OH. We wanted to go to Alaska at some point, but not yet. Disappointed, yes. I guess that the bright side is that we aren't going somewhere that we totally didn't want.

This makes getting our stuff that is stored in our families homes in Illiniois a little more tricky.



Chiloe said...

You are going to alaska :-o Can't believe it ... What a change... Can you buy winter clothes in Saipan? lol That is going to be soooooooooo cold (I hated the texan heat but I'm not sure I could stand the alaskan cold ... HOw long are you going to stay there?

Kendra said...

Wow, you are definitely going to experience some climate shock! What a huge change.

I'm sorry you didn't get something a bit higher on your list. I can imagine you would want to get a bit closer to home.

At least you'll have some *gorgeous* scenery! And look at it this'll now have a use for some knitted and crocheted items! :-)

So when does all this happen?

bigsoxfan said...

Ha, In Juneau, you'll still be south of Ulan Baatar, check the link on my latest post for interpolating latitude and vitamin D requirements. Babies store it up, so you have a few months of safety time, before hitting the supplements.

Sorry you didn't get Portsmouth. Erdene has been really interested in knitting and I would have liked to get Conner and Amara (aka the pmpkn) together for lobsters. Ever seen crawling babies and lobsters in the same room together?

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG - one extreme to the other. You're going to feel that cold ... and you'll need a clothes dryer there lol.

Oooh, all those photo's you'll be able to show us of Alaska.

KaLu said...

no way! its to cold there!!
not that i've ever been but i've been told, my ex boss is from there and every time he would come back he come with a beard and mustache lol to keep his face warm lol gross i know.
one of couzin's worked there too for a while but he came back he couldnt stand the coldnezz
but at least is closer to las vegas heehee maybe a visit sometime

debijeanm said...

Holy Mackanoly! What a difference! Still, I'm a little jealous. Incredible scenery, glaciers, whales and eagles. Maybe you'll even see the aurora? And according to the Juneau travel site, because you're near the ocean the winter weather is more like Seattle, WA, than the colder cities more inland. (I'll believe than when you tell me whether they are right or not.)

Michelle said...

That will be a big change. I hear that Alaska is gorgeous though.