Thursday, November 29, 2007

WIP's and a FO

Since I totally flaked out on posting my Works In Progress yesterday, so I will bore you with them show them to you today. Cause NaBloPoMo is sucking the creative energy out of my head, thank God there is only one more dayI am nice like that.

First- the shawl...I have made a few more progress rows...I anticipate having it finished next week. It looks pretty much the same as before, so I didn't picture it again.

Second - The dropped yarn over scarf. I anticipate having this one done by next Thursday as well. I have made it to the second ball of yarn.

Third - The Irish Hiking Scarf. I love this pattern, this yarn, and this scarf. At first I was a bit intimidated, but now I have the pattern memorized and it is easy peasy. If anyone wants to try cables, but is unsure, do it! Try the Irish Hiking Scarf.

On to the Finished Object. Singular tense here. One lonesome dishcloth. Using the Grandmother's Favorite pattern, Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in the Mistletoe colorway.

I recently found Phoe. Go check out her page. I will wait. You won't be sorry.

Okay, back? See her amazing knitting? Yeah, she is very prolific and often offers her knitted items for free to her readers. A couple of weeks ago, she had some yarn available for adoption and I jumped on the chance to try Opal sock yarn. It is the Owl colorway and she sent this coordinating pattern with it. And the cutest bracelet. I can't get a decent picture of the bracelet at night, but trust me, it is cute. And it is on my wrist as I type this. Thank you, Phoe! Your Saipan package should be arriving soon.

I am almost counting the rows on the simple scarf and the shawl so that I can be done with them and finally cast on a pair of socks. Eeep! And a felted bag. Double eeep! I have start-itis bad.

If you are searching for the world's biggest yarn stash, look no further. No, I am not showing pictures of my deep freezer again. Are you sitting down? Okay, look here. That could qualify as a shop, not a residence.

Did I mention that tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo? Not a moment too soon, either. I plan on taking the weekend off. Then I plan on posting every other day.



Rebecca said...

Your Irish Hiking Scarf looks great! Thanks for the link to that pattern and the others. I'm making tons of dishcloths for Christmas gifts - like the Mistloe colorway.

Chiloe said...

I see you are preparing your stay in Alaska by knitting a lot of scarfs!!! lol

Today is the last day !!! yeah !!!!!!!!! Even though I blog very regurlarly, sometimes I blogged only because I signed for the Nablopomo ...